The Single Housewife recommends:

Sixpence In Her Shoe, the quintessential housewife’s manual by Phyllis McGinley

The Betty Crocker Cookbook, an American classic — be sure to get the original version!

French Cooking in Ten Minutes, a must-read for the gourmand with a day job

A Room of One’s Own, to remind the single housewife why it’s so nice to be single, have autonomy, etc.

My Mama Made That, recipes and homemaking tips from — who else? — the Junior League of Hamtpon Roads, Virginia

The Breads of France and How to Bake Them in Your Own Kitchen, an amazing read — part cookbook, part francophilic travelogue — that meanders through the French countryside bringing lessons and loaves

Etiquette in Society, in Business, in Politics and at Home, Emily Post’s definitive work on how to behave in social settings, how to host and entertain, how to dress appropriately, and most of all, how to treat others with dignity, mutual respect, warmth, and kindness

French Women Don’t Get Fat, a primer on loving what you eat and staying healthy

3 thoughts on “Books

  1. i am a writer and teacher and many things in the state of dash, but what stopped me long enough to gaze longingly upon your blogspot were the cards – enchanting designs. Do you do? I was a single mother for a long time; not now. I wish you an enchanting and prosperous, spiritually filled life. How does one find out about your cards and I’ll check whether they are orderable, affordable stuff and then post in different places. I wish I cooked, but no time, nor inclination.

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