Hi! I’m Jolie O’Dell, the Single Housewife.

I love cooking and homemaking, but until recently*, I was still a single girl living in San Francisco. So I figured, why wait to be a homemaker for someone else? I might as well enjoy the fruit of my own labors in the present, too.

I’m blogging here about recipes, tips and tricks for cleaning (who doesn’t hate cleaning house?), decorating and sewing advice, and all the stuff I’ve learned about being a housewife, either from my housewife family members or along the way as I figure things out for myself.

In my real-world day-to-day, I am a journalist — pretty much the opposite of a housewifely type. I make my living in a high-tech world of billionaire mover-shakers, but in the evenings and on the weekends, I’m baking, crocheting, and sitting around in an apron and a smile.

*I got myself hitched in the late fall of 2012. The Husbo, as I call my fella, sometimes does the dishes. We have a dog and two full-time jobs, so we stay pretty busy.

21 thoughts on “About

  1. We were at the TWIT studio and enjoyed seeing you (jewelry and all) hold your own with all of that high tech testosterone! You’re a great foil for John C. Dvorak. Hope you enjoyed your bike ride around Petaluma. We found it to be a charming town. Good luck with your book!

    • The time question is a good one.

      Basically, all the housewife stuff is what I do in my downtime — weekends and evenings, mostly. I stay very, very busy, and I try not to do things with my time that aren’t somehow going to be profitable.

  2. There are so many sides to Jolie O’Dell that I’m never quite sure if I’m being mind f*cked. I read, I look back at her picture and squint, read some more, squint some more, and accept, cause it works.

    I cannot explain why I like this site as much as I do, but I do. I think I like someone that I admire and respect telling me how to make cornbread, and reminding me to pick up some bourbon for the Kentucky Derby tomorrow. There’s something comforting about it, and there’s (forgive me) an Americanism about it that I appreciate. I like the reminder that I need a life.

  3. Keep the nose ring and anything else that ‘you’ want to do and continue to be yourself. Having said that, we’re all entitled to our opinions like Kent!

  4. Hi Jolie –

    I just wanted to send you a note to say that I enjoy your blog so much that I awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award. I received this award from a fellow blogger and as a recipient I had to award it to a few of my favorite bloggers. You can read more about it on my blog, A Lawyer Walks Into A Coffee Bar.com


  5. WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO DICTATE WHAT SHE SHOULD OR SHOULD NOT WEAR. She didn’t ask for what you think and is clearly expressing herself. Save judgement for those nasty ass trainer shoes you probably wear with your dad jeans.

    It looks friggin’ hot Jolie. Get on with your bad self.

  6. Pretty shocking and inappropriate comments that are nearly all unrelated to the site contents. The male fantasies and the personal, rationalized attacks are something you’d expect from a third world country. The males are demeaning themselves as real caravan trash by focusing on her looks and making suggestive school boy comments.

  7. I just found this blog while searching for a way to set up a tea drawer. When I read “about” you, I noticed a lot of similarities between you and my daughter (also a Single Housewife, ultra busy at her job and a nest featherer on her down time!) I told her to tune in to your blog. Oh, and my “grown baby” has a nose ring (along with other piercings and a scattering of tattoos) and I love it on her (I’d get one too if I had a cuter nose), she loves it, and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks!

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