If You Don’t Try, You’ll Never Know


Making this type of cookie is supposed to be very hard. It’s supposedly so hard that I almost didn’t even try.

I was afraid I’d make an inedible mess. I was afraid it wouldn’t be perfect. I was afraid because this kind of cookie is supposedly very different from all the other kinds of cookies in all the world.

And then I remembered the memo I wrote today to the editorial staff at the publication where I work:

Finally, to be a strong writer, be you. We hired you because we like you: the way you talk, the way you write, the way you think. Go out and be boldly yourself. Be unlike anyone else. Don’t second-guess yourself. Tell jokes in your stories. Give ‘em some sass. Never worry about what the Internet is going to think of you. Don’t read the comments unless we tell you to, and don’t read Twitter @replies or Facebook comments until you learn not to care what other people think about you and your work.

The only real key to strong writing is this: Don’t be afraid. If you have no fear, know no boundaries, and trust your intuition, your writing here will be the most amazing thing you’ve ever done.

The Single Housewife is not afraid of anything — especially not in the kitchen. She doesn’t fuss around with overly precious ingredients. She doesn’t wring her hands when something goes into the oven. She barely sifts; she sometimes measures; but she has great faith in herself. That’s what makes her a great housewife.

So I scoffed at the Internet naysayers who told me that they were unable to make this cookie, and I made. That. Cookie.

I made it great my very first try. By try #2, they will be perfect. By try #3, they will be legendary.

And to think, I almost never got around to try #1.

What’s that thing you’re scared to do — or scared of failing to do perfectly? Forget about perfect, and forget about what you think your own limitations are. Just try.

One thought on “If You Don’t Try, You’ll Never Know

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