The surprise birthday party is classic to the point of being cheesy. You see it in movies and old TV shows, but have you ever had one?

I decided to throw one for the Husbo; since it was bound to be cheesy no matter what, I went ahead and cheesed it up to the max. Even the cake — but more on that later.



Every good surprise party needs favors. At the entrance, I made a table full of party hats, horns, confetti poppers, and big ol’ confetti canons. Everyone was delighted. Except the person who had to do the vacuuming the next day, but that’s another story.


Lots of streamers, lots of balloons — kind of like your mom would do back in 1985.


Old school party game references! I Photoshopped some retro illustrations into blue-and-red pictures to match the theme and glued them onto ledger-sized construction paper.

I musta gone through a half bottle of Elmer’s for this party, y’all. Look what’s next:



And hey, there’s that cake! Here’s the recipe.


This is just so cheery. We actually saved this particular bit of bunting for future use.


Carnations are such a humble flower. I picked up a couple dozen from a local street-side florist for a pittance and put them in regular tumblers wrapped in blue construction paper. I was pretty obsessed with keeping to the theme.


Everyone had a lovely time.

The End.


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