The 4 Lies of Jam Making

Now, I shan’t give you a jam recipe on this day. There are already a billion strawberry jam recipes out there. Here’s what I will tell you… Continue reading


The Single Hortoculturalist

I had a flourishing garden once, but aphids picked the worst possible moment to attack. So, the long weekend gave me the perfect opportunity to pull everything out by the roots and start fresh.
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A Sunday Roast with Yorkshire Pudding

The Sunday roast is a tradition as ancient as meat and the Sabbath, and it’s a lovely tradition I’m proud to carry on in my own home. It’s something my momma did just about every week, too: big thang of meat, slow-roasted while the family goes to church, served with way too many trimmings and gravy that would make shoe leather melt in your mouth. Continue reading