How to make dessert like a man

butch desserts

Hello again, housewifeys!

This weekend, TSH was baking up a storm to help some of her favorite gentlemen pay homage to the art of the suit. As part of an event series on modern masculinity, some of my San Francisco friends had a fashion fête all about buying, styling, and wearing suits. In this town of jeans and hoodies, it’s really becoming a lost art.

So, being a menswear enthusiast, I was delighted when said friends asked if I could whip up a spread of confections for the event. I’m a sucker for a themed dessert party, truly.

Now normally, I like my desserts rich, dense, and super sweet. (See: The Single Housewife’s Holiday Cookie Party, which featured hot cocoa cupcakes with marshmallow frosting, coconut-jam cookies, red velvet cupcakes, and the traditional, powdered-sugar-coated date-nut bars from an old family recipe.)

But this time, I took the theme into consideration and went down a very butch road. Darker, more complex flavors. Notes of savory and salty and acidic laced in with the sweet. The whole point isn’t about fruity, frosty desserts being for ladies and boozy, dark desserts being for dudes. But I think there is a butch/femme spectrum for flavors as well as clothing and mannerisms, and these cookies and cupcakes were as butch as desserts will ever be.

In the end, I showed up with 300 pieces of delicious in the following forms:

  • Bacon brownies
  • Guinness chocolate cupcakes with Bailey’s ganache
  • Earl Grey shortbread with lemon icing
  • Bourbon-spiked gingerbread cookies
  • Double chocolate espresso cookies with whole coffee beans
  • Lemon-blackberry cupcakes
  • Irish oatmeal creme pies (made with Bailey’s in the creme filling)

There were plans for sea salt-dappled peanut butter cookies and German chocolate muffins, but the housewife here ran out of time.

Thanks again to the lovely dudes and ladies and in-betweeners of Artful Gentleman and Styling the Modern Man for letting a homey little housewifey like me participate in their butch eleganza.


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