The pizza party, grownup style

Pizza party night was absolutely the best.

This kind of pizza party isn’t the third-grade variety wherein one orders a neverending supply of lifeless Domino’s oil-slick-type pies.

This was a pizza party for grownups, friends, and foodies. Everyone got to gather around the table and pile on toppings, chatting while the pies baked and eating them right off the cutting board.

This is one of the easiest get-togethers you can arrange. Most of the time, you’ll be able to make up pizza toppings from what’s lying around the fridge or the pantry. An assortment of fresh or preserved vegetables, savories, meats, herbs, and cheeses are all you need — and you don’t need a huge variety to have an enormous amount of fun, either.

I went crazy on ingredients this time, myself. But altogether, setting the table (including all the slicing, roasting, and other prep) took about a half hour.

Here’s what I used:

Ricotta, mozzarella, Parmesan, brie.

Chopped chicken, fried lardons (that’s fancy talk for “bacon cut into little strips”).

Oven-roasted garlic cloves and red bell pepper strips (homemade), sundried tomatoes in olive oil (storebought), cherry tomatoes, sliced baby portobello mushrooms, and mandoline-sliced red onions, leeks, and Brussels sprouts.

Torn basil leaves, chili pepper flakes, dried oregano, kalamata olives, olive oil for drizzling, and drained canned whole tomatoes (crushed with the bare hands in lieu of pre-fab pizza sauce).

So, we gathered around the table, I shaped the dough (try my easy as heck recipe for pizza dough), and folks piled on their toppings.

We even had dessert pizza topped with a schmear of ricotta and creme fraiche, slivers of apples and pears, and a sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar.

You should definitely do a pizza party sometime soon. It’s a little ad lib and a lot of fun.


5 thoughts on “The pizza party, grownup style

  1. My friends and I love a good get-together with Pizza and a few drinks. Definitely makes it easier when people can pick their own toppings according to taste. I’ve even been known to offer a choice of tomato sauces. This American style sauce is pretty good but for something different I do a Puttanesca sauce (normally for pasta), although it is an acquired taste.

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